Metamorphic DSL
keywords: Software Engineering, Model Driven Engineering, Language Design and Implementation, Software Language Engineering

Massive Benchmarking of Vision Algorithms Using Synthetic Video Variants
keywords: video analysis, software testing, variability modeling, big data, image analysis, statistics

Combining Decision Procedures for Constraint Programming and SMT
keywords: constraint programming, SMT, satisfiability modulo theories, solvers, software verification

GUI Maintenance and Evolution
keywords: software engineering, graphical user interface, design smell, software maintenance, software testing


A Language Workbench for Heterogeneous Modeling and Simulation
keywords: Model Driven Engineering, Heterogeneous Modeling, Model Execution and Simulation, Language Design and Implementation

Variability Management in Modeling Languages
keywords: Model Driven Engineering, Language Design and Implementation, Language Modularity and Composability, Variability Management




Live editing models
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